“Wonderful Tonight” is a romantic ballad written by Eric Clapton and included on his 1977 album Slowhand. The song tells the story of a man out with his partner at a party, who is struck by her beauty and tells her how wonderful she looks. Billboard Magazine described the song as “perhaps Clapton’s prettiest and mellowest love ballad in some time,” praising Clapton’s guitar playing during the interludes.

Eddy McManus gives a stunning performance of the song, bringing the lyrics to life with his emotive vocals. His voice is particularly powerful during the lines “I see the love light in your eyes” and “you just don’t realize how much I love you,” conveying the depth of the man’s love for his partner.

Overall, Eddy McManus shows his talent for capturing the emotions of a song and making them his own. His rendition of “Wonderful Tonight” is a beautiful and intimate performance that leaves listeners feeling moved and inspired.