Eddy McManus’s version of the classic song “¿Quién será?” (also known as “Sway” in English) is nothing short of lavish. Written by Mexican composer Luis Demetrio and featuring lyrics by Norman Gimbel, this bolero-mambo has become a standard in both the pop and jazz repertoire. The first version to achieve considerable success in the United States was recorded by Dean Martin with the Dick Stabile orchestra in 1954, and Eddy McManus does an excellent job of recreating that classic version with class and style.

The song, which is all about dancing and being infatuated with your dance partner, has been recorded by many popular singers over the years, including Bobby Rydell, Ben E. King, Michael Bublé, and Cliff Richard. The lyrics, which describe the thrill of swaying on the dance floor with the one you love, are truly timeless. Eddy McManus does an excellent job of bringing these lyrics to life with his smooth and stylish performance.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of classic songs or just great music in general, you owe it to yourself to give Eddy McManus’s version of “Sway” a listen. It’s a timeless and elegant tribute to a classic song that is sure to thrill and delight.

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