Eddy McManus’s 2010 cover of “Sorrow” is a stunning tribute to the classic rock song originally recorded by The McCoys in 1965. Made popular in the UK by The Merseys in 1966, “Sorrow” has continued to be a fan favorite for decades. In 1973, David Bowie even recorded his own version of the song, which helped to introduce it to a new generation of listeners.

Eddy’s cover, recorded in 2010, stays true to the original while also bringing a fresh and modern twist to the track. With his unique vocal style and emotive delivery, Eddy is able to capture the heartache and longing that are at the core of the song.

The lyrics of “Sorrow” tell the story of a love that has been lost, and the longing that lingers long after the relationship has ended. It is a universal theme that has resonated with listeners for over 50 years, and Eddy’s cover is sure to continue that tradition.Lyrics like “With your long blond hair and your eyes of blue / The only thing I ever got from you / Was sorrow, sorrow” showcase the heartache and emotional turmoil present in the song, while lines like “You’re acting funny, tryna spend my money / You out there playing your high class games / Of sorrow, sorrow” illustrate the betrayal and manipulation at the root of the narrator’s pain.

Despite the heavy themes present in the lyrics, “Sorrow” is a fun and energetic song thanks to its catchy chorus and driving beat. McManus does a fantastic job of bringing this classic track to life with his own personal flair, making it a must-listen for fans of rock and roll.

Overall, Eddy McManus’s cover of “Sorrow” is a beautiful and poignant tribute to a classic rock song. His ability to bring new life to the track while still maintaining the integrity of the original is a testament to his talent as an artist. It is no wonder that this cover has become a fan favorite, and it is sure to continue to be a beloved part of Eddy’s repertoire for years to come.