“Kentucky Woman” is a timeless classic recorded by the legendary artist Neil Diamond as his final hit single for Bang Records. With its catchy melody and memorable lyrics, it’s no wonder that this song quickly climbed the charts upon its release in October 1967, reaching the top 25 on the U.S. pop singles chart, the top 60 in Australia, and a impressive number six on the Canadian charts.

The original version of “Kentucky Woman” was mixed in monophonic, which has become the most common version of the song heard on various Neil Diamond compilation albums featuring his original Bang singles. However, a rare stereo mix was done in 1978 for the Frog King/Columbia House album Early Classics.

Eddy McManus’ version of “Kentucky Woman” is a true masterpiece, offering a fresh and exciting take on this classic hit. McManus’ vocals are powerful and emotive, bringing new life to the lyrics and delivering a performance that is sure to have listeners singing along and dancing in no time. The musical arrangement is equally impressive, with each instrument perfectly balanced and expertly played.

“Kentucky Woman” is a must-have for any fan of great music. And with Eddy McManus’ superb version of this classic tune, you can experience the magic of this timeless hit in a whole new way. So don’t wait – get your hands on a copy today and let the music take you away!