“Holly Holy” is a classic and beloved song that has stood the test of time and continues to be a fan favorite decades after its release. Written and recorded by Neil Diamond with instrumental backing provided by the American Sound Studio house band in Memphis, it was released as a single on October 13, 1969 and quickly became a major hit, reaching number six on the US pop singles chart by December of that year. It also reached number five on the Easy Listening chart and became a gold record, eventually going platinum.

With a spiritual focus, “Holly Holy” was influenced by gospel music and was reportedly Diamond’s favorite of the songs he had written up to that point. Its emotive and powerful lyrics, combined with its uplifting melody, have made it a timeless hit. The song’s message of love and hope is universal and has resonated with listeners for decades. “Holly Holy” was later included on Diamond’s November 1969 album Touching You, Touching Me, and it has been included in live versions on his albums Hot August Night (1972) and Greatest Hits: 1966–1992 (1992), as well as various compilations.

Eddy McManus’s rendition of “Holly Holy” is truly something special. His rich and emotive voice perfectly captures the heart and soul of the song, bringing its powerful lyrics and uplifting melody to life in a way that is both sincere and moving. It’s clear that Eddy has a deep connection to the song and its message, and his interpretation is both powerful and heartfelt. As a fan of soulful gospel music, Eddy has a deep appreciation for this genre and it shows in his performance of “Holly Holy.” His passion for this style of music shines through in every note, making his version of the song a truly special and moving experience.

Eddy’s talent as a singer is undeniable, and his version of “Holly Holy” is a testament to his abilities. His rich and emotive voice is perfectly suited to this classic love song, and he brings a sense of authenticity and emotion to his performance that is truly captivating. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the original or discovering it for the first time, Eddy’s version of “Holly Holy” is sure to become a new favorite. If you’re a fan of great love songs with a spiritual focus, be sure to check out Eddy’s take on this classic – you won’t be disappointed!