Holly Holy





Holly Holy” is a song written and recorded by Neil Diamond with instrumental backing provided by the American Sound Studio house band in Memphis. Released as a single on October 13, 1969,[1] it was a successful follow-on to “Sweet Caroline“, reaching #6 on the U.S. pop singles chart by December.[2][3] The song also reached #5 on the Easy Listening chart.[4] It became a gold record and then eventually a platinum record.[1]

A work with a spiritual focus,[5] “Holly Holy” was influenced by gospel music[1] and was Diamond’s favorite of the songs he had written to that point.[3]

“Holly Holy” was later included on Diamond’s November 1969 album Touching You, Touching Me.[1] It has been included in live versions on Diamond’s Hot August Night (from 1972) and Greatest Hits: 1966–1992 (from 1992) as well as various compilations.