Eddy McManus’ cover of “Heart of Glass” is an absolute must-have for any music lover’s playlist. This iconic hit by Blondie, which was released back in 1979, has become a disco anthem and one of the most covered songs in the world, with versions in numerous languages and by a wide variety of bands. And it’s no surprise that the song has garnered such widespread attention and acclaim, as its catchy, upbeat rhythms and memorable lyrics make it a perfect choice for dancing and having a good time.

However, even amongst all of those other covers, Eddy McManus’ version stands out as truly exceptional. His smooth, soulful voice brings a new level of emotion and depth to the lyrics, making the song feel fresh and relevant even after all these years. From the opening lines of “Once I had a love and it was a gas / Soon turned out had a heart of glass” to the memorable chorus of “Mucho mistrust, love’s gone behind,” Eddy’s cover truly captures the essence of this classic hit.

But it’s not just the lyrics that make Eddy’s version stand out – it’s the way he delivers them. His voice is full of feeling and emotion, bringing a new level of depth and meaning to each and every word. And when it comes to the catchy, upbeat rhythms, he more than holds his own – his version is guaranteed to get you up out of your seat and onto the dance floor in no time.

In short, if you love fun, danceable tracks that get you moving and put a smile on your face, you won’t want to miss Eddy McManus’ cover of “Heart of Glass.” It’s a must-have for any music lover’s collection, and a testament to Eddy’s incredible talent as a performer and artist. With his smooth, soulful voice and infectious rhythms, he’s sure to bring a new level of excitement and enjoyment to this timeless song. So don’t wait – add it to your playlist today and get ready to dance the night away!