Eddy McManus has truly outdone himself with his breathtaking rendition of the iconic song “Cherry, Cherry,” originally written and recorded by the legendary Neil Diamond in 1966. With its catchy and memorable chorus, this song has become a timeless classic, and Eddy’s version manages to capture all the energy and emotion of the original while adding his own unique flair.

Eddy’s version of “Cherry, Cherry” is a true testament to his talent and dedication as an artist, and it is clear that he has put his heart and soul into this cover. The arrangement, which was originally crafted by Artie Butler and produced by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, is given new life under Eddy’s skilled hand, and his smooth and soulful vocals perfectly capture the sentiment of the lyrics.

But what truly sets Eddy’s version apart is the undeniable sex appeal he brings to the song. His sultry and confident delivery adds a new layer of sensuality to the already steamy lyrics, making for a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Eddy McManus’ cover of “Cherry, Cherry” is a triumph, and it is a must-listen for any fan of Neil Diamond or simply anyone who appreciates great music. So, if you want to experience a truly unforgettable and captivating performance, be sure to give Eddy’s version of “Cherry, Cherry” a listen.