Eddy McManus is an Artist, Graphic Artist, Designer and Musical Artist


I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1965, and raised in Oxford, Massachusetts and attended public schools.   I began singing at age 4.  My passion for performing in front of live audiences was apparent at age 7 and is captured in this image from the local newspaper on April 19, 1972.  I sang songs and had the lead role of The Lumberjack in the school play.  I still remember this.

Eddy McManus singing
Singing at age 7 in 1972 – front row – center

In high school, I was Class Treasurer all four years and was voted
‘Unsung Hero’ by my classmates.

I enlisted in the U.S Air Force after high school.
I was an Aircrew Life Support Specialist / Chemical Warfare Defense Specialist. I worked on F-16 Fighter Jets, B-52 Bombers, KC-10s and KC 135 midair refueling aircraft.


I started drawing and painting when I was 4 years old and never stopped.
I spent countless hours of my youth at The Worcester Museum of Art.

(Sheldon Bear – a character I created in high school)

I studied art at El Centro College in Dallas, Texas where I earned an Associates Degree in 1988.

Satori Gallery – Dallas, Texas – I owned this gallery for 3 years.

I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media from Southern Oregon University.

I’ve owned two art galleries and a custom framing business, worked as a set designer and scenic artist for theater.

Showroom and Design Area

I continue to draw, sketch, paint, sculpt and use my design skills for Product Design, Interior Design and Home Goods.

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“Singing from a young age, Eddy has always loved the Pop music of his generation. His voice is drenched with a classic tone sitting perfectly in the Jazz, Big Band, Rock n’ Roll and Pop genres.  He has been singing at every type of gig you can name for many years.

Eddy's Many Album CoversHours of dedication & developing his craft has given him a one of a kind style. Eddy’s experiences have shaped his song choices through the years, changing the layers of his sound and the dimensions of his style. Equally at home in a variety of genres, Eddy explores new songs with a raw sound that pushes his vocals from a lower, grittier sound all the way to a big high note climax. He has set the bar high with his thoughtful and unique styling. Eddy’s music is a refreshing and mature listen in a world of auto-tuned artists. This is a career that is full of experience and Eddy is a fully developed performing and recording Artist.”
written by ALAN MERCER celebrity photographer